Other Words for Reach an Agreement

In today`s world, negotiation and finding common ground is an essential skill for anyone working in business, politics, or any other field that requires collaboration. When it comes to reaching an agreement, there are countless ways to express this in writing or in conversation. In this article, we will explore some of the best other words for „reach an agreement“ that can help you to sound more articulate and polished in your communication.

1. Come to terms

„Come to terms“ is a great alternative to „reach an agreement.“ This phrase carries a weight of finality and suggests that both parties have accepted the terms of the agreement and are ready to move forward.

Example sentence: „After several rounds of negotiation, we were finally able to come to terms on the details of the contract.“

2. Strike a deal

„Strike a deal“ is another excellent phrase you can use in place of „reach an agreement.“ This expression has a connotation of both parties making concessions, and it implies that there was a lot of back-and-forth and negotiation involved.

Example sentence: „After long hours of bargaining, we were finally able to strike a deal that was acceptable to everyone.“

3. Settle on terms

„Settle on terms“ is a great phrase when you want to convey the idea that after long negotiations, both parties have agreed to a set of terms or conditions.

Example sentence: „We were finally able to settle on terms that were mutually beneficial for both sides after several weeks of intense negotiations.“

4. Agree on a course of action

If you need an alternative for „reach an agreement“ in a context where a group of people needs to agree on how to proceed, „agree on a course of action“ may be the right choice. This phrase conveys a sense of urgency and the need for a specific plan of action.

Example sentence: „After a long meeting, the members of the team were able to agree on a course of action to address the pressing issue.“

5. Hammer out a deal

„Hammer out a deal“ is another great alternative to „reach an agreement.“ This phrase often implies that the negotiation process was difficult and that both parties had to make significant concessions to come to terms.

Example sentence: „It took several grueling weeks of negotiation, but we were finally able to hammer out a deal that was acceptable to everyone involved.“


In conclusion, there are many other words you can use in place of „reach an agreement“ depending on the context and tone you want to convey. By carefully considering the words you choose, you can sound more articulate and sophisticated in your communication, and show that you have a deep understanding of not only the topic at hand but also the finer nuances of language.